In many ways, the essence of the Al Sulaimi Group culture comes down to honesty. The company is built on tight-knit, performance-driven teams with a strong sense of ownership and loyalty. Managers are asked to communicate regularly with staff about their performance, and staff are encouraged to ask how they’re doing in order to get honest, constructive feedback. The manifesto says: “In the tension between honesty and kindness, we lean into honesty. No matter how honest, though, we treat people with respect.”

Al Sulaimi Group has company values that the company prides itself as being “real”. These values are:


The environment encourages you to be a better version of yourself, which is far from the case in many places and often the opposite of that.
In order to increase the “Happiness” quotient, Al Sulaimi Group organises many activities including sports activities and tournaments to encourage wellness and group bonding activities.



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